Suvi Woven Vinyl Information

suvi-infoScandinavian Suvi Designer Woven Vinyl 

An extremely versatile floor covering, suitable for a vast number of applications.  

  • SUVI comes in 5 colour ways from contempory white  & charcoal tones to warm neutrals. 
  • All colours come in 2.0 metre wide rolls.  
  • SUVI is easy to clean using normal vacuuming for general cleaning or mop and bucket for wet cleaning. 
  • SUVI can be used for all types of Domestic use:  
  • Hallways, Kitchens, Balconies, Bathrooms, Patios, Boats etc……….  
  • SUVI can be used both Indoor and Outdoor 
  • SUVI can be custom made as rugs to any size or shape  
  • SUVI can be used for all types of Commercial use: 
  • Banks, Hotels, Shops, Offices Schools, Kindergartens, Fitness Centres, Health Care etc… 
  • Fire Rated with a CRF of 6.8kw/m2 
  •  CSIRO Non Slip rating R10