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Rug Binding Styles

rugbindingInternational Floorcoverings’ custom made floor rugs.

Traditional and contempory expressions of good living, used by the modern designer and architect as elements to enhance and beautify any space. 

Using our range of natural woven fibres, a stunning collection of borders or your own fabrics, helps you create the ideal floor rug to suit any environment. 
Nearly any shape or size, from round to square, hall and stair runners, or to fit the perimeter of the room.  We aim to offer you the ultimate in service, style and craftmanship, using your individually by choice of colour and texture.  

Plain colour Jute, Cotton or Linen bindings

We have a large range of plain coloured bindings to choose from, these bindings can be applied in two methods 

Standard Binding Method:

Showing a 50mm wide binding, top stitched with folded mitred corners. (as shown) 

Deluxe Binding Method:

Showing a 70mm wide binding, blind stitched (a technique used to conceal the stitching) with padding and tailored mitreed corners. (as shown) 
You can also choose from narrow or wider finish binding widths, twin or triple coloured edgings. 

Tapestry and Fabric binding

We have a range of European tapestry and fabric bindings to choose from, however we can also apply your own fabrics to our carpets. All tapestry and fabric bindings are applied using our Deluxe binding method only, normally showing around a 120mm wide binding, however this may vary due to the style of the particular fabric required. (as shown) 

Leather binding

We have a range of leather bindings to choose from. Again all leather bindings are applied using our Deluxe binding method only. Showing a 70mm wide binding but you can choose the width of the binding, anywhere between 30mm up to 120mm wide finish. (as shown) 

Flat Strapping

Flat strapping is a stylish method of binding only available on the Villa Natralis range of 100% Un Dyed Woven Wools where the sides are bound with no visible binding on the surface of the rug 
flat strapping


Standard application of overlocking with a cotton thread matched closely to the product. 
Overlocking is only available on the Villa Natralis range of 100% Un Dyed Woven Wools  


Our underlay can be added to all of our floor rugs, thus giving better sound absorption and a softer feel under foot.